The ones who see it all. Those who see sides of us that we’re too scared to show the world. The ones who might see us at our lowest and even our highest. They are who we can run to for comfort when we need it most. Some may call them troublesome, but I call them necessary. Family doesn’t have to be related by blood but bonded by loyalty. I reflect on family and its meaning to me, and it’s those who I consider to be family are who I’m taking to the top with me.

I grew up in a household that demanded respect and loyalty. I learned the importance of this at a young age, and I was taught that family is who we select rather than who we are born with. As I have gotten older, this concept still applies where it is my choice who I can consider family.

As I get older and as my perspective starts to change, I have held my standards to an even higher level than what they used to be. My standards being of higher, more independent, and powerful people who share the same mindset as myself.

Over time, those people are who I can consider family, for its their loyalty, trust, and ability to push me past my limits that provides me with enough courage to call them family. I hold that word to higher standard than what I seems for some people, for those who are in your circle should push you to be a better version of yourself daily.

I’ve learned the importance of this while being in school. As I progress, I have been able to determine those that I keep close in my circle, and I do my best to reflect on how much I’ve been blessed with as I get older. In this season of life, I am also learning to be more accepting and prouder of how much I’ve accomplished, and I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without the help from my family.

I’m nowhere close to where I need to be to pay off the debt to those who have helped me, but its knowing who has been a part of this journey that I’ll need to remember to repay for the wisdom and sacrifices they’ve made for me. Furthermore, family should never be tampered with, for its those who you consider to be family are who you might end up being someday. So be careful who you let in, for you never know who might have it out for you.

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